A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A game for the LowRezJam.

Explore the hidden labyrinth beneath your desktop and find the mystical crown, but beware... you might not be alone!

The game provides a 64x64 pixel window to the inside of the labyrinth. Look around with the mouse, and move your character with the arrow keys (or WASD), find the
crown before retreating back to the exit and escape before the Minotaur finds you

This is you

Watch out for the Minotaur

Find the crown


  • Mouse : Move the view port
  • Arrow keys : Move your character. Double tap to dash, and also focus the camera on your character


On Windows, at the start of the game, the camera doesn't always focus on your character, you can either search using the mouse, or double-tap a direction to focus on him.


  • Concept and Design: pmprog and Elw3
  • Code: Elw3
  • Graphics: pmprog
  • Music and SoundFX: FBnil


  • Requires Love2D to be installed
  • Alternatively, there's a Windows build


dsklab_wasdfix.love 2 MB
dsklab_wasdfix_win32.zip 6 MB
desktoplabyrinth.love 2 MB
desktoplabyrinth_win32.zip 6 MB


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Pretty neat game dude! I like it. It's a bit hard to get past 2 wins though. Maybe a slightly bigger window or a slightly dumber minotaur. Otherwise props


Couldn't do a bigger window, because that was the limitation of the LOWREZJAM.

As it was part of the jam, probably not going to do anything else with this now...

I understand. It's still a pretty cool game and concept. Props.