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Tigermoth originally starting out as a C64 bullet hell game, after seeing Dragon Attack by Bitplane Technomantes. I'm not usually a bullet hell fan, but I did really get into rRootage for a good while.

I spent a few months trying to relearn the 6502 and C64, but I wasn't happy with the progress I was making, so the project languished for 4 years... until I spotted the GBA Jam 2021.

I like the idea of doing a GBA game, so I thought I'd have a go at starting again on a new platform, and seeing if I can finish off a project...

There's not much special to Tigermoth.... Big boss at the top of the screen, and lots of bullets to avoid.

Can you bring down the Tigermoth before it consumes everything?

Written in C, using devKitPro and libgba. Source Code can be found here:


tigermoth-20210617-jamedition.gba 244 kB

Development log


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¿final version?

I might come back to revisit in the future, but for now, yes, this is the final version


I think this game is like several others on the platform, because it is already in its final version but in the future it will be retouched to improve small details. I hope that you mean

Good future has this game. Keep on doing  awesome work.